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What is driver training and why is it important? 

Technology can only do so much in reducing accidents from happening - driver behaviour is still the most important aspect when looking at accident prevention.

At Sureplan, we define driver training as being about upskilling your drivers. This is vital for any company with a functioning fleet as businesses now have a legal obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act to provide information, training and supervision to their drivers.

Training your drivers to deal with and be aware of potential risks will result in less accidents. Not only is this about protecting people’s lives, but it’s also about reducing costs in operational and maintenance expenses. And though this is not a complete solution to an incident free organisation, appropriate driver training and education should form a key part of any company's fleet risk strategy.


Discover how Driver Training works with SurePlan by clicking the link below. 

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The benefits of online driver training 

The benefits of online driver training include:

  • Removing the time consuming administrative tasks of trying to get your drivers in the same place at the same time
  • Training that can be done anywhere at any time, so long as internet access is available
  • An increase in driver awareness to the ongoing risks of the road
  • An exploration into how they can manage risks
  • Measurable training which ensures drivers are effectively learning to manage the ongoing risks they face
  • A course that enables you to deliver a consistent training program both nationally and internationally 


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How driver training works at SurePlan

SurePlan has developed a range of risk solutions and online driver training plans that can be applied to either strengthen existing fleet management strategies or offer a complete and tailor-made solution. We use our e-learning web training tool Driving Safer to focus on driver behaviour and the choices they make. 

SurePlan also recommends FleetCoach, an interactive online driver coaching program with more than 20 years of internationally published research and data from more than 15,000 drivers. With video simulations taking place in New Zealand, it coaches your staff through crucial high-level driving skills such as hazard perception and situation awareness. 

Take a look at how Driver Training works with SurePlan by clicking the link below. 

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Fleet risk reporting

Along with driver training, many businesses with a medium-size fleet could benefit from outsourcing the administration, reporting and processing of fleet damage claims with the confidence it will be handled with care, speed and efficiency. Sureplan can provide transparent real-time reporting and cost analysis on collision history along with a detailed look at the various risks of the road. We’ll give you monthly snapshot reports that will enable you to track the performance of your risk solutions, covering damage costs, accident types and incident rates all tied to individual driver risk.

By providing you with the tools and online training to create better drivers, we intend you'll have a greater peace of mind about your staff getting behind the wheel.

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