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How accident management works at SurePlan

Posted by Gordon Brown on Jul 18, 2018 8:30:00 AM


There’s never enough time in a day to address all the problems that can happen with a mobile workforce. In fact, fleet accidents can happen late at night, long after you’ve left the office. 

That’s why a solid accident management plan is extremely important to have in place. When the hassles of fleet crashes arise, it can seem nearly impossible to handle the fallout on your own, while keeping your company out of legal and financial entanglements. 

A sound accident management solution will take care of everything from insurance claims to roadside assistance and vehicle replacements, helping to keep your fleet operations running smoothly. 

Click here to watch our video on the importance of accident management.

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In this blog, we’ll share key advantages of such a service and how it's done here at SurePlan.


How outsourcing accident management can improve your life

With good accident management, you’ll find that you have more peace of mind in a number of crucial areas. 

1. You won’t have to scramble to collect important data at the time of an incident. 

Cloud-based reporting technologies come with any good accident management service, so you won’t have to worry about losing track of the information you need. The driver’s location, vehicle condition and crash details are all available to you at a moment’s notice.

This visibility means less anxiety about losing critical accident data and trying in vain to track it down later.

2. There will be fewer late-night awakenings.

With all the stress of managing a fleet during the day, you might hope for good sleep at night...only to wake up to bad news. An outsourced solution can make for more restful evenings for you.

An accident management service can immediately act on the situation by communicating with you and the driver about next steps. The provider can furnish you with all the relevant data, while summoning roadside assistance, negotiating third-party claims and assessing next steps on your behalf. All to help you keep going business as usual. 

3. You’ll lower accident risk ahead of time. 

Imagine getting ahead of accidents before they take place. 

Thanks to reporting systems, you have much more visibility into areas of risk in your fleet, whether it’s a driver in need of more training, or a vehicle that’s not performing at its best. You can then patch those ‘holes’ with corrective action to bring accidents to a minimum.

Making proactive adjustments to your driver assignments, fleet policies and other important aspects of your mobile workforce is the best way to lower the potential for crashes in the first place. Great accident management makes it all possible.

For more on these benefits, see our blog post: Is outsourcing fleet accident management the right option for your business?


How accident management works at SurePlan

At SurePlan, we cover every aspect of accident management for you, allowing your fleet to recover quickly in the event of a collision - helping you save precious time and money.

When an incident occurs, our four-step process kicks in:

1. We assess the safety of your drivers.

You won’t be awakened if one of your drivers has an incident on the road at 2 a.m. SurePlan consultants personally communicate with the employee to gather all details and work with first responders. We care about your employees’ safety as much as you do, whether an accident no matter the time of day.

2. We arrange for roadside assistance.

SurePlan immediately gets in touch with roadside assistance as we have arrangements with tow truck companies to help out when necessary. We’ll take that stress of clearing accident scenes off of your shoulders.

3. We jumpstart the claims process for you.

SurePlan completely handles third-party insurance claims, saving the hours of admin work you’d otherwise pour into the process. In your online portal, you’ll have complete visibility over the process.

4. We’ll take care of vehicle repairs.

SurePlan is connected to a network of expert, compliant repair services. We’re able to coordinate the most cost-effective repairs for you, so that your fleet is more operational, more of the time. 

What is your accident management process like? If the stress is adding up, the admin work is getting overwhelming, and you're losing sleep, perhaps it's time to do things a better way. By leaving accident management up to the experts at SurePlan, you’ll get greater visibility, bigger savings of time and resources, and more peace of mind. 


Learn all you need to know about Accident Management here.

Want to learn more? Download our cheat sheet to better accident management with SurePlan. 

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