Our goal is to ensure that profit, property and people are protected with unique and effective fleet management solutions and driver training. SurePlan can assist you with developing a fleet safety  program that identifies and addresses the specific hazards in your fleet and minimises driver risk.

Handling the details of vehicle accidents can take a major chunk out of your valuable time. This is time that could be better spent taking care of other important aspects of running your fleet. Then there is the cost and inconvenience as the vehicle is taken off the road.

This is where accident management comes into play - it deals with the outsourcing of activities such as the lodgement of accident claims, the handling of the motor vehicle repair process and overall third party claims handling. Outsourcing this process leaves the accident in the hands of people who have the expertise and industry knowledge to effectively deal with it, which could soon prove to be invaluable to you and your organisation.

When a crash happens, the accident management process is initiated by one simple phone call to our 0800 number. SurePlan's uniquely scripted electronic claim form (ECF) presents a logical sequence of questions asked by friendly staff over the phone. The driver is then directed to the most convenient SurePlan network repairer so that the extent of damage to the fleet vehicle can be quickly and fairly established.

By taking control of an incident from start to finish you ensure logistical efficiency as well as collating data on both the driver and the circumstances for the implementation of effective corrective training. Accident management promises to reduce downtime and costs and increase peace of mind for business leaders, personnel and fleet managers, as well as fleet car drivers.


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