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The benefits of outsourcing accident management

Posted by Gordon Brown on Nov 30, 2017 2:28:00 PM


With everything that’s involved in managing a fleet of vehicles, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to make things a little easier? Imagine – no more being woken up after hours to deal with accidents (and all the admin that comes with them), and having more time to focus on other important things. 

Outsourcing accident management could do all of this for you, and more.

In this blog, we look at some of the benefits of outsourcing accident management and why this is the smartest choice when you’re managing a fleet.

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Outsourcing accident management

When we talk about outsourcing your accident management, we’re referring to the outsourcing of activities that are needed when an incident occurs involving a vehicle in your fleet. This outsourcing is designed to make your life easier, to reduce the admin that comes with lodging claims and reporting, to minimise vehicle downtime, and to help manage costs.

More important than you think

As you’re sure to be aware, when a vehicle in your fleet is involved in an accident, it can be very costly - both in time and money. The smart thing to do is to put a plan in place to make sure these costs are as minimal as possible. The great thing is, there’s a simple and cost-effective alternative that comes with a load of benefits.

The benefits of outsourcing your accident management

  • No more accident claim lodgments
    Having this done by an external source means you no longer have to process the admin that comes with an accident.
  • No more handling of repair processes
    Not only will it save you managing vehicle repairs, having it outsourced to a company that regularly deals with this should fast track the vehicle repair process and reduce vehicle downtime.
  • Accident costs will be lower
    Having your accident management handled by a company that deals with accident management regularly means things like collision repairs, rental replacement vehicles and assuring the recovery of expenses from third-party drivers will be done faster as well as more cost effectively.
  • Clear and improved reporting, tracking and visibility
    Accident management service providers invest in sophisticated systems that collect and report accident information on client fleets. The systems can generate a wide range of reports, enabling fleet managers to identify trends and causes of accidents, almost immediately. At SurePlan we offer transparent reporting and cost analysis on collision history, along with a detailed look at the various risks of the road.
  • You can’t beat experience
    Outsourcing the accident management process leaves it with people who have the industry knowledge and expertise to effectively deal with them.

So, where to from here?

At SurePlan we offer a full-service accident management solution. Our accident management process begins with a simple phone call to our 0800 number, available at any time. Why not make things easier and better?

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