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Road Safety Week in NZ: Why your fleet should take notice

Posted by Gordon Brown on Apr 12, 2019 3:30:00 PM


Road safety in New Zealand is an urgent concern. Earlier this year, over a one week period, 26 people died as a result of fatal collisions. Deadly incidents are too frequent on our roads, and it’s up to everyone, including businesses, to be part of the solution... especially companies that employ fleets. Your drivers must be aware of the dangers of irresponsible driving and should be empowered in every way to stay safe behind the wheel.

Fortunately, the perfect opportunity to discuss these matters is right around the corner: Road Safety Week. It will be a great chance to create more awareness and accountability in your organisation around the importance of safe driving.

Below, we’ll discuss why this is such a critical conversation to have in New Zealand, and how your company can be a better advocate, both internally and publicly, for road safety.
The facts about road safety in New Zealand
New Zealand has a long way to go to reduce accidents - fatal collisions are nearly an everyday occurrence across the country. 

In the first 95 days of 2019, there have been 110 road deaths have already occurred, according to the Ministry of Transport. Tragically, 26 of those deaths were over a one week period, between Friday, March 29 and Friday, April 5.
Here are a few more sobering facts and statistics:

  • 382 people were killed due to New Zealand road incidents in 2018.
  • On average, 5 people are killed every week on the road in NZ.
  • New Zealand’s road safety record has fallen short relative to that of other first-world nations, due to road infrastructure problems and widespread behaviours like mobile phone usage, failing to use seatbelts, drunk driving, and speeding.

To improve, there will have to be an all-inclusive effort to make our roads safer. That means everyone, from government agencies to businesses and ordinary people who drive every day, will have to 'speak up' and commit to safe driving at all times.
Who should take the lead when it comes to road safety?
Your entire company can take the lead on road safety. Only by remaining unified on the matter can your company successfully reduce incidents among fleet drivers, while uplifting the brand as an advocate for safety.
Safety leadership means purchasing the safest possible fleet vehicles with built-in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Features often include lane departure warnings, collision avoidance technology, and other factors that can kick in at critical moments to keep your drivers, their passengers, and other motorists out of trouble.
Your company can also lead by promoting a safety culture, for example, by creating a fleet policy that spells out non-negotiable safety principles — such as never driving under the influence or using mobile phones — and that requires safe driving pledges.
It’s also key to implement driver training that upskills fleet operators in awareness of road risks, and teaches responsible driving behaviour in general.
These steps will go a long way towards keeping employees, their passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists safe.
Road Safety Week is coming to New Zealand
It will soon be Road Safety Week in New Zealand, courtesy of Brake, a leading charity that advocates for road safety. The week will take place between 6 and 12 May 2019, coinciding with the United Nations’ Global Road Safety Week.
A great way to improve fleet safety, while raising your brand’s social advocacy profile, is to actively participate in and support the upcoming events. Here are a few key ways:

  • Run a road safety campaign for your company that educates staff about road safety statistics and principles.
  • Raise publicity about your company’s safe driving initiatives by producing press releases and reaching out to journalists.
  • Fundraise to support Road Safety Week and ongoing advocacy in your company’s local community.
  • Have your fleet team sign up for e-newsletters to stay informed about new developments in road safety, and opportunities for your company to get involved.
  • Donate to Brake to help them continue spreading awareness.

By being a part of Road Safety Week, you’ll not only protect your workers... your company will help create a safer, happier New Zealand for all commuters.
If your company is committed to keeping NZ roads safe, you can take meaningful action right now. Make a corporate donation to Brake to support Road Safety Week and related activities throughout the year.

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