Every dent, prang, or damage involving your vehicles will affect your company’s financial bottom line. The cost to employers from on-the-job crashes is staggering. That’s why encouraging safe driving and investing in driver training makes sense.

Businesses can significantly reduce their rates of preventable accidents with proactive, comprehensive  FleetProtect programs and (online) driver training that will positively impact the bottom line. A strategic approach to fleet risk management results in streamlining fleet operations and increasing return on investment. Modifying driver behaviour can save lives, downtime, and improve your company's overall profit. We’re about keeping your business moving, not picking up the pieces when it stops.

SurePlan delivers a comprehensive range of programmes, led by FleetProtect, which deliver cost reduction and savings by creating safer drivers who have less crashes.

Whether you have a fleet of 100 or a fleet of 5000,  FleetProtect is designed to identify risk and reduce it.

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