Training your drivers to be constantly aware of potential risks and how to deal with it, day to day, will result in less incidents. There are several good reasons for fleet companies to invest in driver training and education, starting with protecting people’s lives. But it will also reduce expenditure on straightening bent vehicles, and reduces operational and vehicle maintenance costs.

Driver training alone is not a complete solution to a crash free fleet, however, the appropriate driver training and education should form part of any organisation’s fleet risk strategy.

Driving Safer is our E-Learning web training tool which focuses on driver behaviour and the choices professional drivers and company vehicle drivers make.

The benefits of e-learning include:

  • It removes the time consuming administrative task of trying to gather all your drivers in one place
  • Training can be done anywhere at any time, as long as you have internet access
  • It increases driver awareness to the risk they face and how talks about how to manage risk
  • This training is measurable, ensure your drivers learn how to manage the risks they face
  • The training course allows you to deliver a consistent training program nationally or even internationally
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